Mobile Games Network

Project Details

Client: WildTangent Games
My Role: Creative Director, Designer
Budget: N / A
Design Time: N / A
Tools: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Services Provided

  • Creative and Art Direction for Mobile and Tablet Devices
  • Internal and Client Presentations
  • UI/UX Design for Multiple Operating Systems and Device Matrix
  • Design to accommodate the BrandBoost ad platform and third-party ad serving partners
  • Product and Service Localization
  • Planning, Scheduling & Budgeting

Project Take-Aways

I like the challenge of designing solutions for platorms with such limited screen real-estate, but with such wonderful UI controls and affordances. It forces you to expunge anything not totally relevant while providing opportunities for creativity in terms of a more engaging user experience (UX)- Dale Cody (Creative Director)

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The Challenge

Translate the WildTangent Games service with more than 3,000 titles into the mobile and tablet space

With more than 3,000 games titles on its network, most of which are supplied by third-party developers relying on WildTangent for publishing and revenue sharing, it was critically important that the mobile site and application provide the same great level of service to its audience. Part of this equation was ensuring that the BrandBoost Ad Platform performed seamlessly across a whole spectrum of different operating systems, screen sizes and device types. Additionally, everything had to be optimized and localized for foreign countries with differing languages requirements.


We identified those devices and games that made the most sense for a stage one transition and designed for those first. At the time we were experiencing a large push from advertisers for more and more complex rich media ad executions, but the limited number of mobile devices available to support this immediately was problematic. Our design solutions accounted for this and we built in graceful degradation schemes for legacy devices. Various stakeholders across the company worked with our partners in all areas including Biz Dev, Games Developers, Ad Serving Platforms and other partners to craft an overall solution that would provide the maximum amount of flexibility and future-proofing.

At the time we were also deep into a planned overhaul/upgrade of the company's flagship BrandBoost Ad Platform so we were able to build in unique capabilities and functionality there for a more consistent and robust service overall. I was able to source and purchase some tools and services that gave my team the ability to design and build complex rich media ad units for rapid deployment in both online and mobile/tablet environments. This meant a cost savings in time and money which in turn allowed us to close more business. Some of these toolsets also gave us greater depth in in analytics and measurement.


In early 2014 WildTangent achieved its goal and became the world's largest mobile games network with more than 26.8 million monthly uniques. In doing so, it surpassed gaming heavyweights like EA, Disney and Zynga. Users continued to experience the same great value exchange platform that powered the company's strong historical online growth. Partnerships with game developers expanded and advertisers continued to reach targeted audiences with more and more compelling ads. In late 2013 the WildTangent mobile app was included on new AT&T smartphones as part of the root operating system.

Image Examples

Smart Communications Addict sub-brand

Smart Communications Addict sub-brand on different mobile devices