Childrens Book Project

Project Details

Client: Dale Cody
My Role: Illustrator, Author, Art Director
Budget: N / A
Design Time: N / A
Tools: Corel Painter 11, Photoshop, & InDesign

Services Provided

  • Concept Ideation
  • Illustration and Art Direction
  • Author
  • Storyboards, Mock-ups & Layout Designs

Project Take-Aways

I had so much fun writing and illustrating this project!! I can't wait to start the next one.- Dale Cody

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childrens book illustrations

The challenge

Write & illustrate a childrens book with a positive message that is fun to read.

During my day job as Creative Director, I am usually dreaming up creative solutions for others and being well paid to do so. However, I have a head full of my own ideas and sometimes you just have to express yourself.

I started my career as a successful Illustrator/Designer working in Los Angeles and over time transitioned into roles as Art Director and now Creative Director. I love working work hands-on, but the majority of projects don't have an illustrative component so I don't get to do this as much as I used to. I've always enjoyed the opportunity to draw and paint pictures and this is a wonderful outlet.


Come up with a strong concept and positive message. Draft up a compelling storyline and create characters to support and tell the tale. Storyboard the narrative, translate into pictures and paint. Voila!!

I originally started the paintings in this book using traditional acrylic paint media, but wasn't really satisfied with the way it was turning out, so I worked on ways to simulate my illustrative style on the computer. After a little experimentation, I found exactly the right methodology and began on the final images. Most of the work is done using Corel Painter 11 with some of the finishes and effects in Photoshop.

The process of creating each painting is at once relaxing, exciting, fulfilling and cathartic. Childrens book imagery is a wonderful medium for expression and imagination. You can work on many levels simultaneously - from simple to sublimely conceptual in order to reach many different types of readers. I want parents reading my book to their kids to get as much enjoyment from it as their children will. I have loved every moment of the project and only wish I had more time to work on it. I can't wait to start the next one!!


The book is complete and I am currently talking with publishers for wider distribution.

Image Examples

Dale Cody Childrens Book Illustration

Dale Cody Childrens Book Illustration

Dale Cody Childrens Book Illustration

Dale Cody Childrens Book Illustration