Marketing Insight Bank: Flash Web Application

Project Details

Client:Draft FCB - HackerGroup
My Role: Creative Director, Art Director, Designer
Budget: N / A
Design Time: 3 months
Tools: Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator & PowerPoint

Services Provided

  • Concept and Ideation
  • Flash-based Micro-site Design
  • Creative and Art Direction
  • Wireframes, Mock-ups & Prototypes
  • Design Guidelines & Standards
  • User-centered Design and Testing Methodologies

Project Take-Aways

Using Flash to develop this project allowed us to simulate similar kinds of UI functionality found on iPhones and iPads. People using this application really enjoyed the experience.- Dale Cody (Creative Director)

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Marketing Insight Bank

The challenge

Create a Micro-site that would generate & help close new agency business.

The concept behind this idea was to leverage existing documents and agency expertise in a novel way to create awareness and generate new business. Target audience was to be a select group of C-level executives identified by our Business Development Group. Getting the attention of this busy and jaded demographic would be a challenge indeed.


I worked closely with the agency's Biz Dev Group and VP Marketing to identify what documents and assets they were willing to share and how best to leverage them. The solution was to create a secret repository or vault where a select group of prospects would be given unique access. It was imperative that the experience was fun and engaging throughout as well as a reinforcement to the concept that they were getting an unprecedented peek behind the scenes at proprietary information.

The solution was to create a Flash-based micro-site called the Marketing Insight Bank that required a passcode for access. We sent each prospect an RSA key-fob by Fedex that generated a unique code that we could track and that they could use for access to the site. These were sent with a cryptic and suggestive message designed to pique their interest. The uniqueness and expense of the invitation helped to reinforce a higher perceived sense of value for this elite group of prospects.

We used bank vault or casino like metaphors throughout to design the UI and user experience. For example, the Login screen used a spinning combination lock that simulated real world movement and friction properties so that the tumblers could be spun individually to enter the passcode. A more vigorous movement of the mouse made the dials spin faster and take slightly longer for friction to slow and stop them. Once inside, we used a revolving "one-arm bandit" like UI to break the Marketing Lifecycle macro categories into color-coded bands. This functioned much like the passcode tumbler and users could spin the marketing wheel to view and select categories. Selection of each category brought up a micro view where users could see what documents we relating to that topic. Quick document summaries were easy to see and users could elect to view, download or save for later in their own safety deposit box for later retreival.


Despite an aggressive schedule, the Marketing Insight Bank was delivered to a receptive and enthusiastic audience. The Business Development Group and CEO seemed especially pleased by this.

The agency received a handsome ROI on this project and continued to generate interest and open conversations for a considerable period after it was first launched. It allowed us to leverage a lot of existing material and documentation in a unique way yielded substantial new business and revenue for the agency.

Image Examples


Marketing Insight Bank Login Screen

ATT Email

Marketing Insight Bank Macro Categories Screen

ATT Email

Marketing Insight Bank Micro Documents Screen