Website Design and Branding

Project Details

Client: R-Stuff
My Role: Creative Director, Art Director
Budget: N / A
Design Time: 3 months
Tools: Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver

Services Provided

  • Brand Design
  • Website Design
  • Concept and Ideation
  • Wireframes, Mock-ups & Prototypes
  • Design Guidelines & Standards
  • User-centered Design and Testing Methodologies

Project Take-Aways

This was an interesting and challenging project because it combined elements of social media and e-Commerce in a unique way. Everyone seemed very pleased by the result.- Dale Cody (Creative Director)

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The challenge

Create a robust website that would combine unique elements of e-Commerce and Social Media Networking

The concept behind this business idea contained similarities to sites like E-Bay, Facebook, MySpace and others. A strong solution would require innovative branding, scalable IA and site architecture as well as a user-cenric focus on UI and workflows.


I worked closely with the company's founder and brainchild of the concept behind this site. Because it was a start-up venture with limited resources, I took on many roles and worked hard to maximize value for the client.

My first step was to do extensive research and analytics around the business concept, target audience and competitive environment. I worked up simultaneous roughs, comps and wireframes in support of brand design, site architecture and UI etc. in order to make faster progress. Designing a solid scalable Information Architecture (IA) proved to be one of the more complex items and informed much of my other work so it was crucial to get this aspect ironed out first. The founder brought a lot to the table and we worked well together. Once I had produced designs, workflow diagrams and mockups that he approved, I created working wireframe prototypes using Adobe Fireworks and conducted some low budget "friends and family" type usability testing.


I completed the wireframes, diagrams, prototypes and more finished looking design mocks in advance of development activities.

This was a large and complex business idea and because it was largely being self-funded by the founder, obtaining sufficient capital to complete development became his priority after I finished my work. At this time, the dev process is ongoing and incomplete.

Image Examples

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Hi Fidelity Wireframe

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Finished Mock-up of Site Design Look and Feel