BP Amoco Ultimate: Integrated Interactive Ad Campaign

Project Details

Client: BP Amoco
My Role: Creative Director, Art Director
Budget: $500,000
Flight Schedule: 3 Months
Tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Visio

Services Provided

  • Brand Advertising and Marketing
  • Concept and Ideation
  • Wireframes, Workflow Diagrams & Web Design
  • Custom Micro-site Development
  • Social Media Marketing, SEO and SEM
  • Standard and Rich Media IAB Ad Units
  • User-centered Design and Usability Testing

Project Take-Aways

Our solution successfully leveraged the complete CarDomain community including the Blog, Events and Event Sponsorship, Video and Video Category sponsorship, Member-Ride Pages, Editorial and many other places.- Dale Cody (Creative Director)

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The challenge

Win a BP Amoco RFP & to create integrated interactive ad campaign

Create a unique interactive ad campaign that would generate awareness around their BP Amoco Ultimate premium gasoline at a time when prices are at an all time peak of $5.00 per gallon. Leverage the CarDomain community and partner with other media sites to drive traffic and conversation.

During my tenure as Creative Director at CarDomain Network, the largest auto-enthusisast social media site on the Web, BP Amoco's agency of record, Ogilvy 1 came to us looking for campaign idea that would increase product awareness and customer loyalty. They wanted us to focus efforts on active users and brand evangelists. Give them tools to influence passive users’ purchasing decisions and create an environment that would cultivate a community of ambassadors eager to promote loyalty and passion around the brand.


Our solution was to create a destination contest micro-site where users could upload pictures of their car and share stories of why their ride deserved the more expensive premium gasoline.

Weekly winners received $250 gas certificates, monthly winners got $1,00 worth and a Grand Prize winner would be awarded an all-expenses paid trip to the famous 24 hours at LeMans race in France. Users and visitors could vote their favorite entries up or down and we provided social media mechanisms to help contestants share and promote their entries. We partnered with over a dozen other automotive sites and drove traffic using rich media ad units where users could actually enter the contest right from the ad unit itself.

The idea was to create a strategy that would reach users in three ways: 1.) Build a Destination with social media opportunities that enable active users to share their passion, expertise and participate in the AmocoUltimate contest sweepstakes. 2.) Stimulate Conversation about the campaign within auto-related communities using blogs, forums, video-sharing, viral marketing and other social outreach tactics. 3.) Use Mass Communications to amplify efforts of active users to reach and influence passive users


The BP Amoco contest micro-site was huge hit and drew mad traffic. We blew through all campaign success metrics approximately 2 weeks into a 3 month flight.

The combination of financial remuneration in the form of gas and the LeMans race along with the chance for contestants to enjoy peer recognition across an immense network of people was a huge draw. Conventional wisdom was that we'd only get activity around super high performance vehicles like Porsche, Lotus and Ferrari, but we knew our users well. Our community responded with a colossal amount of contestants talking about their classic cars, off-road vehicles operating at higher elevations and many other reasons where higher octane fuel was a necessity or a choice. Stories ranges the gamut from funny, to touching to downright weird, but user engagement on conversation was phenonemal.

Image Examples

Amoco Ultimate HomePage

Amoco Ultimate Micro-site HomePage

Amoco Ultimate Ad Unit Expanded

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