HomePage TakeOver and BrandBoost 2.0 Design

Project Details

Client: WildTangent
My Role: Creative Director, Art Director
Budget: N / A
Design Time: 3 months
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator Dreamweaver
www: wildtangent.com

Services Provided

  • Application design
  • Website and Platform Design
  • Create functionality to increase revenue opportunities without significant impact to user experience
  • Concept and Ideation
  • Wireframes, Mock-ups & Prototypes
  • Design Guidelines & Standards
  • User-centered Design and Testing Methodologies

Project Take-Aways

These were both interesting and challenging projects because they impacted so many different areas of the business and user base. Both products were a huge success from company, client and user perspectives.- Dale Cody (Creative Director)

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WildTangent HPTO featuring The Hobbit Move

The Challenge

Create new revenue opportunities on the WildTangent website and redesign the company's flagship BrandBoost Ad Platform

Ad and revenue opportunities were not being leveraged as effectively as they could and significantly less than direct competitors in the same space. The challenge was how to achieve this without significant negative impact to overall user experience and without a complete structural redesign. The second initiative was to redesign BrandBoost to better reflect changes in technology and in the market. BrandBoost required a more modular design for faster, easier deployment as well as more flexible creative solutions to meet client needs.


I worked closely with various stakeholders in Biz Dev, Sales, Ad Ops, Test, Games and Prod Dev to design achievable solutions that could be deployed as quickly as possible while still reaching our goals. Once we had designed and built both the HomePage TakeOver and BrandBoost 2.0, I drew up specs, examples and PowerPoint decks so that our sales team could sell more effectively and for partners and client to design against.

There were a lot of complex and frequently competing variables all impacting the final design solutions we came up with. For example, the basic BrandBoost 740x400 px container couldn't be changed and any solution also had to accommodate the company's rapid shift to mobile and tablet. We had to work around some significant tech restrictions around how the Home Page was designed and built once we decided on going with Home Page TakeOvers with Rich Media. We developed designs and specs that would allow rich media to be served using our internal ad server (DoubleClick) as well as third-party ad tags such as Pointroll. The HomePage TakeOver was priced and sold as a premium ad unit with strict frequency caps so it also required robust UI integration for Ad Ops to control and measure when these were served.


The HomePage TakeOver rolled out first and our first successful campaigns came with partnerships from Pointroll. We brought them in early to develop and test prior to production and this serves us all well. Our first HomePage TakeOver units with rich media included campaigns for The Hobbit Movie, Microsoft Contre Jour, Rayman Legends, Gator Boys and Saban's Vortexx. They were all huge successes we not only achieved very strong numbers around all standard quantitative metrics, but response from our customers was overwhelmingly positive. In my experience, this is generally not the case where you are devoting more screen real-estate to advertising.

Image Examples

WildTangent HPTO

HomePage TakeOver showing Rayman Legends in default Closed position

WildTangent HPTO Open

HomePage TakeOver showing Rayman Legends in user initiated Open position

WildTangent HPTO The Hobbit

BrandBoost 2.0 showing The Hobbit. Note the social media icons highlighted. Ad Ops is able to turn these on and off at will